Darryln Leikauskas - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate

After 25 years as a marketing professional I decided to leave the corporate world and obtain my Massachusetts Real Estate License. That was the fall of 2009 - probably the worst time in real estate history! So, while the market fluctuated, I immersed myself in training...short sales, rentals, closing & settlement, home inspections and many more topics. I like to share this information with my clients so that the selling and buying of real estate (as well as how commissions work) is not such a mystery. I am a good listener and really enjoy helping people make the right choice so they are happy; It is what I strive for. If you or a friend, family member or neighbor are thinking of making a move within an area of Massachusetts that I may not service, or anywhere in the world, please allow me to help set up the perfect agent to serve as a guide throughout the process. Whatever your real estate needs may be, I would be most happy to help. Call me directly at 781-571-1022 to arrange a market analysis of your home, or to create a game plan for buying a new home. DOWNLOAD MY MOBILE APP FOR DIRECT FEED FROM MLS:  http://app.commonmoves.com/commonwealth9/